Our Mission

At Shaman Power, our mission is to be a competitive long-term supplier of electricity. We conduct our business according to the highest quality standards in the industry, benefiting both the environment and the communities in which our generating stations are located.

Shaman Power and its owners/operators have been and continue to be devoted to the Marmora Hydro Facility. They are a professional, dedicated organization with strong values and I’m glad to be partnered with a great team. On behalf of the CVCA’s Board of Directors and staff, I can enthusiastically say we are looking forward to working with Shaman Power in the future!
— Tim Pidduck, General Manager, CVCA

Current board

  • Don Anderson
  • Aaron Ciancone
  • Bob Allen
  • Brian McMullen
  • Chuck Groocok
  • Brian Blackmere


At Shaman, we believe strongly in the promotion of green energy. Green energy is produced through natural resources such as sun, wind, and water. Unlike non-green resources, green energy is renewable, does not produce greenhouse gases and has a small impact on the environment. Through Shaman’s green hydro generating stations, energy is being successfully produced, that is not damaging Canada’s sensitive environment.